Post Boots and Hearts Blog!

Hello everyone I’m sorry for the late blog, I’ve been busy trying to settle back down at home and what not and catching up on some sleep since I had to work 1:30 am-6 am today!

It felt great being back, coming home a long hot shower, an extended teeth brushing time, sleeping in my comfy bed, using my own toilet, I tell ya we don’t take the time to appriciate these things as much as we need too, our utilties that we have at home are miles away from some people living in the world and I cannot imagine the difficulity they have to deal with on a daily basis. Okay back to boots!


So Wednesday afternoon at around 12 pm, my friends picked me up from my house and we drove about 2 hours to the campsite. We made a pit stop at timmies first before we got on the highway. I got myself a tea because I felt that was “safe” for me to do because I didn’t want to overthink anything else I got on the way there for it to ruin the trip. This type of thinking is something I need to work on because I know that before Sara met Ed, she would have gotten her favourite summer drink from timmies: An icedcap made with chocolate milk. Once we got on the highway, I did feel som hunger ques kicking in, I knew I needed to eat something substantial because I had only eaten a bowl of cereal, some apple slices, and orange juice prior to leaving. I pulled out a sub from my cooler and ate the whole sandwhich on the way. I felt proud of myself for doing this, and not regretting my choice.

Once we got to the campsite we had to wait in line to go through security. Since we were one of the early ones to get there, we didn’t have to wait too long in line, but it was still extremely busy. Security was checking to see how much alcohol we had in the vehicle, and who was of legal age. My friend who happened to be 19 and the owner of the car told security she was of legal age and had 2 cases total in the car because that was the limit per legal aged person, but we actually had 6 cases. They let us through without any issues, but all of us knew that lying to the secutrty guards would backfire one way or another. KARMA!

Once we got to our designated spot, we parked the car and unloaded the tent. They don’t give very much room to set up, and we were having some diffuculties trying to put it all together. We ended spending about 2.5 hours trying to set up, between all 4 of us girls.. I found it hilarious! We had to keep taking it down and re-assembleing it, everyone was getting so cheesed, but I was thinking to myself that we were lucky to be there early so we had time to screw up if we needed too!

After the tent was set up, everyone wanted to drink! I can definantly say that Wednesday night was the most socialable night because everyone was jumping from campsite to campsite meeting their neighbors and playing drinking games like flip cup and beer pong. People were all over the place, it was great! We met some really nice guys named Rob and Derek who happened to be our age, we had a talk with them about school and where we were heading to in the fall. Derek was hilarious, everytime a group of girls would walk by he would just yell ‘Laaaaaddddiesssss” in such a slick, pick-up line type of tone, he said it to us a couple times during the weekend if we walked by him.



Thursday was pretty freaking fun. Again, everyone was day drinking, trying to kill some time before some of the artists came on. There were no headliners that day, just some small bands playing to pump us up for the weekend. And there was a kick-off white dance party, you had to wear all white in order to glow, it was honestly the best time. I felt so free just bustin a move on the dance floor and not caring about what people thought about me, no one did anyways, everyone was so friendly and fun, mostly because they were hammered but it was so fun I enjoyed it a lot. We also met up with one of our friends from high-school Andrew, who had is campsite literally seconds away from ours. He introduced us to the people he was with and came out with us to the dance. He always refereed to me as “Sara Ryan”, instead of just Sara, and he would yell it too and I have no idea why but I just went with it lol!



A.K.A. BRAD PAISLEY DAY!!???!!!??!!!!!

So I was pretty happy when I woke up on friday because I was looking forward to Brad, we went to the stage a little earlier to see some of artists play before brad. I felt so blessed during this time because I couldn’t believe that I was fortunate enough to see these amazing artist preform live, for the first time ever I got too hear small town pistols perform, a brother and a sister which also happended to be in a band called the Wilkonsons when I was just a baby, The Wlkonsons were in a band where their dad years ago but when he retired they decided to form their own little band. They sanf a song that brought me back years and years ago, like to when I was 4 years old, it’s called a Penny for your thoughts and I was sing this in the morning when my mom would come into my room and wake me up, I had happy years in my eyes when I heard it. I also got to watch Maddie and Tae, who sing “Girl in a Country Song”. They were honestly AMAZING. I already see them as girls who inspire me because they are 20 years old, making music and songs that matter to them, they are cute as a button and not to mention GORGEOUS! They were so interactive with the crowd and had some really relatable songs, they also did a cover to Landslide my the dixie chicks and Umbrella by Rihanna which was really cool.


>>>>Fast forwarding>>>

At 9 p.m that night Brad came on stage. Chantal and I squeezed our way up into the front, I felt so close up it was insane! Some guys let me get on his shoulders for the song “Celebrity”. That was the first time I’ve ever been on shoulders during a concert and let me tell you, the experience was incredible. I love Brad so much, all of his songs are so unique and easy to sing along too, to me he seems like a genuially nice and loveable man who sings songs from his heart about his wife, and how to him she is everything, she’s perfection in his eyes and he wants to share that with the world and that is so inspiring. He really changes my perspective on what love should be like. Some songs however were triggering to some memories I had with a previous boyfriend of mine, who happened to be my first and only serious relationship. Our songs were “Then” and “Remind Me” my Brad Paisley, I told myself I needed to just enjoy the songs because I love them, not because they bring me back to our relationship. It was really hard to fight the feelings but I was able to forget about them once Brad ended off the concert with an incredible encore, and handing his guitar to a little boy.



Saturday was amazing. It was also the day of Eric Church! I was in the second row for his show but didn’t have a camera..BOOO!! Oh well, I still have some photgraphic memories of it all and it was just so amazing. One of my all time FAVOURTIE artists was playing that day too, he goes by the name of Dallas Smith! I remember just losing my mind when he came on stage, I knew every single song and sang every word, for once I didn’t even feel like I was thinking about anything else but that and it felt great to live in the moment and not give a care.


The day started off with a free pancake, gospel brunch at the stage where high valley and the lovelocks talked about their relationship with God and told us stories about when they started to commit to Chirst. They sang some really heart felt songs too. High Valley’s lead singer told us that him and his family go by 3 F’s, and thats Faith, Family, and Farming. How easy of a life is that? They are incredible. We each got to take home a little boots and hearts pocket bible too, it was really special to me.

11872599_10207760033545546_80580265_nIMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2365 IMG_2369

During the day we watched Kira Isabella, Wes Mac, Thomas Rett, Old Dominion, and more play before Flordia Georgia Line!


The crowd was so pumped for FGL, We all felt so fan-girlish. But something incredibly shocking and serious happended before the show. There was a man who climbled to the very top of the stage, he was ready to jump off. Nobody knows how he managed to climb up there, or how the police/security didn’t notice him climbing, but he was up there, he took off his shirt and threw it down to the crowd, along with his phone and ciggeratte. He then sat on the edge for a bit just dangling his legs over, He got up and started to hold his head and kept walking towards the edge. Everyone was crying, panicking, yelling “don’t do it” to him. I felt the crowd was definantly becoming closer to eachother as we all stood there praying that he would choose to do the right thing and go back down with the cops. The cops were up there and once he started walking towards the cops they tazered him, from where I was standing I didn’t see this so it looked like he had just dropped and fallen on the other side. He was taken to a mental hosptial, thank goodness he is still surviving and getting the help that he needs. We thought forsure the concert was cancelled at this point because the lights went off and the FGL screen went black. 30 mins after all of this, the lights went back on and the loud music started to play and pumped everyone up again. It was hard to not think about what just happened, but I was able to just tell myself that he’s okay now and it’s out of my control of what had happened, I just need to try to enjoy the show. FGL was amazing once again, they tore up the stage. They did some really awesome covers, did some throw back songs, and were just plain WILD. We ended off the night with a late night foam dance party!


I can honestly say that I did not expect the weekend to be as great as it was. I truely felt that I was out of my comfort zone, that I didn’t care what people were thinking, and I could just let loose and live in the moment for the majority. I want to go again so badley next year with the same people and maybe so new ones like Cassie or Ang, I know they’d love it as much as I did.


Anyways that is it guys! Thanks for reading and I’ll be back sooner or later!


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