What a blessing today has been. I truly cannot believe how awesome it’s been spending this hot summer day with the family up in BLUE MOUNTAIN for the first time ever!

Day 1

Wake up time: 6:30 AM

Last night I went on a really nice walk around my area, and eventually made it to my friend Cassie’s street hoping she would be home but sadly she was out which is totally understandable because who wouldn’t be on such a gorgeous night like that one?! The walk was very relaxing, it was a nice temperature, and I had my music with me which is so important when I’m on walks alone, it gives me time to sing some songs in my head, or listen to some good lyrics that relate to my life or excite me for future plans! I was able to get a good rest and woke up with a packed bag from the night before, all I needed to do was get dressed and brush my teeth and hair, and load the car with all the bags.

7:00 AM: Stopped at bank

7:30 AM: Stopped at Tim Hortense of break. On the road again, I took some time to read to myself and out loud to the rents, I also doodled a bit in the back of my journal because I recently just rediscovered a passion of mine and that is drawing/designing things!

9:30 AM we arrived at the hotel. We couldn’t check in until 4 so we went into the blue mountain village and waited to begin our first activity which was a hike up the mountain.

10:30 AM the hike was fantastic! It was really cool to see all the sceneries from the top of the mountain, we were so hot though, but we didn’t think of it much because the hike was really enjoyable.

11:30 AM gondola it felt so nice and breezy after that long hot hike, and again the scenery was beautiful.

12 pm Bens parents and my little cousin Ethan came down for the day to meet us, we all stopped and had some lunch.

1 pm Kayak with Ethan 

130 back to hotel, then went to the private beach

2pm Arrived at beach, lazed out in the sun for 20 minutes and then went in the water. This part was so fun, it was really nice water, shallow but not cold at all, I paddle boarded for the first time, it was such an awesome experience!

7 pm. Dinner with the family, we stopped at a cute little country restaurant called Kettles, where we had almost like a home cooked meal, it was about an hour away from blue, but worth the drive!

After dinner we headed back to blue, we watched Annie out in the village on Muskoka chairs, then half way through we went back to the hotel and went for a little dip in the indoor pool, then went to bed 🙂 

Day 2:

8:30 AM: I tried a REAL class of a yoga for the first time out on the dock! It was such an awesome way to start the day because it was so relaxing, it was with other people, in the sunshine, and totally got rid of any negative thoughts of energy I had.

9:15. Breakfast at the Sunset Grill with the family, it was so delicious. I wanted something off the “light breakfast” option part of the menu, but then told myself I needed something more to fill me up for the rest of the day and I was craving anything with maple syrup, so I got 3 pancakes and a fruit salad, it was so good!

After breakfast Ethan and I went zip lining, I thought this was a cool activity to do because Ethan’s never done it before, it gives you such a rush and I wanted to do something I don’t normally get to do.

1230 Pm Off to WA saga beach! It was the perfect beach day, the sun was so hot and we were all melting in the car and outside, the water was defiantly something we needed to cool off and enjoy for the rest of the day.

After the beach we went to our favourite fast food place again, Tim Horton’s and had dinner. After dinner we went to Ben’s house to see his parents and pick up my dog Bentley from the farm! Bentley is my dog and has been at Ben’s a lot because he has a bigger space for Bentley to run around and be free, and another dog named Kennedy so they both play and keep each other company. After that we dropped Ethan off at his house and then went home to unwind.

I really wanted to go out and do something, or see one of my friends. I texted up a few people and one of my good friend’s from high-school Tim and I had plans to go one walk this week so I asked him if tonight would be good. He said he already went on one but invited me over anyways to stop by, so I did. It was great seeing him again and we have plans in the future to go for coffee/hangout whenever!

All and all I have to admit this was the best mini vacation I’ve had in such a long time, ever since the eating disorder because I was finally able to focus on the activities we were doing, focus on what my family had to say, focus on how wonderful it is to go out and enjoy all meals of the day, and just mainly just being able to live in the moment. Before, it was hard to do this with all the preoccupied thoughts of food, I wasn’t getting the full experience, but I will say that this time I sure did and will push myself to enjoy more experiences just like how I did this time! 

Encouragement: I strongly encourage those of you who may struggle with vacationing to keep your mind busy, trust me it helps so much. When I went to nashville 2 years ago with my family, my mind was racing with thoughts about how each day was going to go, how much I was going to allow myself to eat, how much calories I was and wasn’t burning, which by the way 11 hours driving was quite the time without any books to read, journals to write in, or anything to keep my mind of these things. But I’ve also learned that we all deserve to relax, whether its for 5 minutes or 12 hours, heck we sleep for that long so why can’t we enjoy a car ride for that long!? Take in your surroundings, write down things you want to do once you reach your destination, plan things to do for when you get back from your trip, write down things to look forward too, keep a diary of your trip if you can to write down any feelings youre having, if you want to draw then draw, if you like to read then bring abook that intrests you and you can set a goal to read in the time you leave your house until your destintion or until yu get back home, get creative, tell yourself that you deserve a break just as much as anyone else would, sing some songs, trust me on this, you will be okay<3

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