Sara’s Self Help Series

Hey guys, so I’ve had an idea that I’ve been really thinking about lately to make this blog unique and empowering to others. I’ve decided to create a self-help book to encourage others to improve all areas of their lives by little steps.The goal of this book is to help people feel like they can take charge of their life in a very simple way, and so that they can feel inspired by my words throughout the book. All of us, as humans, have been through so many different experiences which can seriously change us or mold us into the person we are today. I want to use the experiences I’ve been through to help others understand the beautiful aspects of life, and that there is a bright side to just about anything! With crazy busy weeks, I think I’m going to work on a section every sunday night, and have it published for you guys every monday, sound good?:)

Some of the sections in the book will include:

1) Choosing a mentor

2)How self-help can be effective

2)Choosing your own style

4)Turning a “bad” situation into a life lesson


6)Eating and exercise





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