Praise the Lord!

Hey guys! Happy Sunday. Hope your all having a great day, whether you were at work, at church, out on the beach, or adventuring with a friend(s). today I attended church, and I can honestly say it was the best church day I’ve had since I’ve been going because I’ve been struggling with focusing on what Pastor Tim has to say because I’ve had a lot of difficulties involving food and exercise for the last year and since I only started attending church regularly this year it’s been hard, it affects me because I’m usually preoccupied with the thoughts of breakfast, lunch and dinner mixed with my lack of sleep or exercise,  but  the good news is this Sunday I felt awesome and ready to listen and take in everything pastor Tim had to say for his main message and that is ‘what you do affects others” and I wanted to elaborate on this because I believe this is true and relateable to our lives.

Pastor Tim talked about something called the butterfly effect, which is book written by Andy Andrews and is also a scientifically proven fact. The theory is that a butterfly flapping its wings in the right point in space/time in New Mexico had caused a hurricane in china. The theory is trying to say that small changes in the initial conditions lead to drastic changes in the result, or that one small thing can ripple into a huge thing. One person can start off with an idea that can change the world, or one person can teach about how what god does for us, and suddenly they’ve got a whole community believing in god’s powers.

I also have been reading a lot of Joel Osteen “you can, you will” and have been stuck on a section about “being a winner” about how everyone wants to win, in all areas of their lives. The key to winning and being happy is to take full responsibility for it. If you surround yourself with negative people, you need to cut the ties with them. It’s hard to do especially since you want to be a thought of as a nice person or a good friend but you have to think about if in the long run, you’ll be happy with them in your life, if you can see yourself with them in your life. It’s hard to know how to cut them off but you can do it in such a way where it is very polite, mature, and civil by simply saying “you know what, you’re a great person, but I don’t think I am able to take charge of my life or happiness by contusing this relationship/friendships. In the end, you’ll feel relieved, almost as if you have a sense of control of your life again. I admit I struggle with this a lot because I am afraid at how the person is going to react, or think of me, or how they may tell others what they think of me, risking the chance of someone being influenced by their opinion. but at the end of the day I just tell myself who cares if someone isn’t fond of me or thinks of me as selfish, that’s their choice. I know what kind of person I am, and if someone choses to not like me, or have a false perception of me, well I can’t waste time trying to change their mind. I have people who love me and will do so much for me as I would for them and those are the kind of people I will care about how they think of me!

There are people in life who will want to control you, judge you and take but never give from  you, but it’s your responsibility to not let them, tell yourself you love the way you are, love your own style, music, job, religious choices, hobbies, anything you love about yourself and that although it is a very kind and selfless gesture of foxing people you can’t do everything for them, they need to learn how to do things for themselves, , they need to take the extra step to get what they need for themselves, and not always expect you to do it.

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