Choosing a Mentor

Choosing a mentor is a great way to become inspired and motivated to do things you never dreamed of doing, all because your mentor has pushed you to better yourself.

I’ve looked up to many women over my life time, these woman have taught me everything I needed to know about life such as what to wear/how to dress, how to handle my money, my friends, how to organize, how to cook and clean, how to be polite, how to do my hair and make-up, how to adapt to puberty, you get the idea. Basically, my mentors have taught me the basics in life to help me do things for myself, to become independent and confident.

Someone in particular who I’ve looked up to for so many years is Lauren Conrad.

images (4)

She has been an inspiration to me ever since the first time I watched “The Hills”, a reality TV show which Lauren Conrad was the star of and narrated. The show was about how Lauren Conrad moved from Laguna beach to LA for an internship at Teen Vogue


In my opinion, Lauren had and still has everything going for herself. First off from watching all 4 seasons of The Hills, I’ve gained so much respect for her because of how she handles her friendships, her relationships, her work life, her night life, her style, everything! She’s wise because she knows the difference between right and wrong, she went through a really rocky friendship with one of her best friends Heidi, but she was able to forgive and forget about her. She took responsibility of her own happiness by cutting the tie with Heidi and realizing that although she was about to let go of her so called “bestfriend” , and all the memories that come with it, she was moving forward because she knew she deserved so much more in a friend. She was mature about how she handled the situation, something I’ve always admired about her. Her relationships/dating have also influenced what I want my own relationship because she has been treated like crap from some of the guys she’s gone out with but she knew that she needed to end it once any bad signals occured, something I know I need to apply to my own life so that I don’t settle for something less that what I deserve.

Lauren is responsible and professional when it comes to her work. She doesn’t want to upset her boss, so she’ll sacrifice some of her personal time to get things done, and she represented Teen Vogue in such a good way because she would always go above and beyond her boss’s expectation. I believe this is important because that’s how you become recognized, stand out, get a raise, reach your fullest potential!

Lauren’s style is absolutely fabulous. She has her own line of clothing too, and she inspired me to design some of my own clothes and create a line of clothing called “Afit” I would draw clothes and try selling them to my mom when I was young, my mom thought they were super creative but I was a little young to create a business 😉 Lauren’s style speaks to me because it expresses her character. It’s a mix between cute, classy, and simple. It shows that she respects herself and her body. It shows that she doesn’t need a whole lot of effort into her outfits, but can still look amazing. She’s the type of woman I want to be someday. She has her own blog with recipes, outfit ideas, a book club, workouts, photos, all things that are right up my alley!

I love Lauren Conrad and all that she has taught me about being a woman, she is my mentor. Who is your mentor and why are they your mentor? Do you have more than one? What does this person inspire you with and have they ever helped you during a time where you felt down?download (1) images (1) images (2) images (3) images LaurenConrad-Instagram-060713-jpg_172155 images (5)

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