Body image

Hey guys, I hope that you’re all having a good start to your week today, and if not don’t sweat it because tomorrow is a new day for plenty of opportunities to get rid of the negativity!

So, you can probably already assume what I’ve decided to rant about.. manly because I’ve been having these feelings for the last year and they’ve been stuck in my head!

I don’t know when or why twitter became a place where both women and men have to feel like they need to have a body like the pictures posted on “@fitspo” or “@fitness”, etc. but these pictures are extremely triggering for me and makes me sick to think that I restrict myself from eating certain food, or creating strict exercise/diet plans on a daily basis so that I can feel like I am one of these fitness guru’s on twitter.

It’s not like I want to be one of these fitness addicts because I know personally I find other things in life more enjoyable like going out to eat with a friend, or doing an activity that is considered to go against a fitness guru’s plan. Like when you think about it, does spending endless hours at the gym doing the same thing over and over, sound more fun then spending the day at the mall with a friend, looking at all the latest fashions, getting a bite to eat, maybe going for a bike ride around the neighborhood or walking down to the store for some icecream, and then going home and watching some netflix sound way more fun?! To me, that is normal and what SHOULD be posted on twitter, and we shouldn’t always compare each others bodies because at the end of the day.. who the frick cares! If you’re health if is good, like mental health and physical health, and you feel happy without thinking about what your body looks like (body checking is my worst habit), then that should be the only thing that matters. Working out ALL the time is just not my thing, maybe for some, but I feel like most people like myself are suffering on the inside because were pressured to look a certain way on the outside. With that being said, I feel like if I’m not working towards that perfect body image on a daily basis then I’m slacking or not being “fit” or active enough like other girls. It really lowers my self-confidence when it shouldn’t.

So, now that I’ve let that all out, I want to think of ways to REVERSE the ‘perfect body” goal, and set some new ones that will actually be way more important for my life and yours.

1) Think about your future

Do you want to spend the rest of your days feeling like you need to live up to what you see on social media? That’s alot of time that could be put towards setting goals that will effect your quality of life, and your relationships with others.

2) No more body checking

I do this any chance I find myself facing a mirror, and it needs to end today. I continuously believe that my body changes with everything I do in a day, and if I’m unsatisfied with the way it looks, then I am unsatisfied with my day. Instead of looking at my body in the mirror, look at your fully clothed body and your face, and be thankful for those powerful arms and legs, eyes that can see, that beautiful smile which someone someday will fall in love with, and carry on with your day.

3) Look at the big picture

What will having a perfect body do for you? Do you think it will lead you closer to a better life? If so, ask yourself how will having the perfect body bring me closer to a good life? I can guarantee you that most people who only focus themselves on their body end up perfectionists or close to, which isn’t always good because they are very hard on themselves and the way they are around others can be caused from how good/bad they feel about their body that day. Look at the big picture like this: Having a healthy relationship with food and exercise, having supportive family and friends, having a good job and working hard at it, creating a family, travel experience, optimistic days, etc. There are so many things in life that you can miss out on if you’re only focusing on your body!!!!!

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