Shopping DAY!

Hey everyone!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day, and if not well not to fear because tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to make tomorrow better! 🙂

This week has made me realize so much already, because I was experiencing some really dark and sad thoughts last Sunday, and didn’t think I would of been able to turn things around, but once Monday morning came I was already feeling relief and happiness knowing that I had a fresh new start ahead of me as I began my week, erasing every negative thought I was having on the weekend.

So today I just wanted to share what I did today, and hopefully you guys did something cool too!

My friend Chantal and I are going to Boots and Hearts in August, I’m so PUMPED!!! Not only is it non stop country music, but it’s a 5 day camping experience, there dance parties at night and during the day we can just do whatever we want while the country music blasts in the background! So, Chantal suggested we go on a boots and hearts shopping trip! We invited 2 of our other friends to come along for the trip.

Morning: I woke up, feeling pretty well rested. I immidiatley went downstairs and poored myself a bowl of cereal and had a yogurt, and then I went online to order my 3 year anniversary gift for work which I totally have been putting off since my 3 years was up! Oh well, at least I did it now instead of never!

I then did a quit work out in my basement, followed by a shower and got dressed to go shopping with the girls.

Chantal picked me up and told me I was gonna ride shot-gun because we were gonna listen to country music and needed to JAM OUT, while our other friends Angela and Rachel plugged their ears in the back because they arm’t a fan of country, sorry guys!

The ride there was good, we all talked and had some good laughs, we are all pretty crazy when were together which I like because it’s a great way to start of the day with a lot of laughs!

Once we got to the mall, we headed straight for the clothing stores. We hit up some of our favorites like American Eagle, Forever 21, Bluenotes, Garage, Urban Planet, ect.

I made myself a budget for today, planning to buy certain items and only spending a maximum of $250, but I only ended up spending $80-85 including my lunch! Not bad!

Afternoon: We stopped to get lunch in the food court, and since I was craving something really satisfying for my tummy and a healthier choice, both Chantal and I decided to get cultures.

We got our own build-your-own wrap, with 2 sides, mine were cous-cous salad and an 8 veggie salad, it yum it was delicious!

After lunch, we headed back to our boots and hearts shopping trip!

We ended up leaving around 3 pm, because we all felt like we made a good couple of rounds around the mall, so we called it a day and headed home.


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