My faith

Today I have really been taking the time to think about my faith in God and how I would like to expand on my knowledge about Christianity. When I was a baby I was baptized under my parents consent, but never truly knew what it meant to be a Christian or a “believer”. I was also enrolled in a Catholic school for 10 years of my life, and stopped once I attended high-school, not because I wanted to stop going but because the high-school was closer to home and it was a newer school.

Growing up I wasn’t pressured that often to go to Church, I do remember however my mom always nagging me to go with her on Sundays, saying it’s the right thing to do, and that going on occasions like Easter or Christmas Eve was important, but being so young I never really understood the importance of going to Church and learning more about my religious background.

I do remember praying at night even when I wasn’t attending church regularly, or a catholic school. I would make sure to start off with praying for my mom and dad, then all my family members, friends, pets, myself, etc. I would also pray about certain situations, and knew that God was listening to me when I spoke to him about my problems or even desperate times.

After reading and hearing about numerous stories from people about how they support Jesus Christ as an everyday aspect of their life, it really hit me that I needed to reconnect with my spiritual life as I was WAY to focused on the body and mind aspects.

I had told my parents one night last summer that I wanted to attend Church again. They were all for the idea, and we had planned to go the following Sunday. The church we went to wasn’t the same one my mom and I had went to as a kid, it was more open to other religions other than the catholic faith, but for some reason it just didn’t feel like it was our fit.

My mom’s fiance, Ben, had suggested a Church he has been to before and some of our good friends and family members go to called Rose Bank. This church is about a 10 minute drive from out house but seems like it is in the middle of no where because it is located in a rural environment and is also SO tiny! the Church is probably size of my kitchen and living room combined (not very big), but I love it because it’s always the same faces every time, we are like a little close knit community every Sunday morning. We now have our own mailbox there as well because we are new members of the Church.

About a month ago, my mother and I had decided to take one step closer to God by getting baptized. This day was probably one of the most amazing days of my life, because I finally felt so incredibly free to express my love for God and all he has done for me to all the people who were there listening to my testimony. I was balling the entire time my mom was saying hers too. I couldn’t fight back my tears because it was honestly such a real experience, and such a milestone for myself and my mom because we both knew we wanted to build on our relationship with God.

My testimony


After the ceremony there was a lovely service after, a table full of lunch food and dessert, I’m surprised my plate didn’t tip over! It was so great, talking to everyone about my journey, and people were really surprised about my story too. Some lady even came up to me and handed me her phone number and email, saying she went through a similar situation and that she is there to help me or listen to me whenever. It was so nice.


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