My family

I don’t know what I would do without my family, I seriously can’t imagine growing up any different, these people are my main support system, and are always there for me.

This is my mom, Cathy.

My mom always looks out for me, she cares about me, she’s caring and always wants to offer an extra hand. I feel like our relationship has been more of us being sisters than mom-daughter because we are so silly together, we bicker almost everyday, but know that we would not be able to live in this world without each other. I am so blessed to have her raise me all these years ❤ We recentley found a show we both enjoy watching together called black-ish, it’s a really funny series about a black family, we also love going to concerts (mainly country ones) together.



This is Ben. Ben is my mom’s fiance, and I think of him as a father figure in my life. Ben would do anything for anyone, he is so selfless it’s crazy, and he has such a big heart. Ben would drop anything and everything for me, he cares and loves me so much as he expresses it without a doubt every single day. I can talk to him about anything without feeling judged, he always knows what’s good for me. Ben cares a lot about his health, and often goes for a jog after work in the afternoon and I join him sometimes, it makes the jogs more enjoyable for the both of us 🙂

Both my mom and Ben are country lovers, they love country music, anything that fits under the country life-style. They’re hoping to find a farm soon which I’m so excited for!



James (Jamie) is my biological father, also one of my favourite people on the planet. I don’t live with my dad, but I would always visit him every second weekend when I was younger, and now he lives like 5 minutes away so I can pretty much go over and visit him whenever which is really nice. My dad is one of the funniest people I know, and although at times he crosses the line, I know how much of a caring and serious side he is capable of showing. He would also do anything for me. He loves beer and baseball, his favourite player is Derek Jeter.. who is now retired and my dad had a very hard time accpeting this! I would describe my dad as a very optimisic person, he loves just getting in the car and driving to a new place, or going for a long drive to go somewhere for the day, he loves to shop and eat out (not a bad thing), he loves hanging out with friends and basically looking at life like a party, which I wish I could do more. My dad refers to me as his little girl, monkey-ass, sarebear, and his baby. He has a tattoo on his shoulder of angel holding a banner that says “Sara”.. I think that’s so special. My dad always wants to go the extra mile to make me happy, sometimes he would just show up on my door step with a booster juice, I remember one day after school he called me to say he had something for me and wanted to make sure I was home, when I said I was he pulled up in his truck with a huge box, it was Rockband for my Wii.. I couldn’t believe it. Since my mom never really wanted me to have video games and electronics, all my gaming systems like my PS2, WII, gameboy, my first cellphone, flatscreen tv, laptop, ALL were purchased by my dad. He was seriously the bomb, and still is. My dad is someone who i would have a very tough time losing because I feel like I’ve learned so much from him, and I am a lot like him. I love him and miss him every day.


Donna is like my second mom, and my dad’s wife. She is seriously such a great person, inside and out she is so beautiful. She helps me SO much with everything. She is great a giving advice and knows how to handle pretty much every situation. Donna is so fun to be around too. She loves to shop, and binge watch TV shows, she’s the type of person who would spend an entire day just pampering yourself with like she would go and get your nails done with you or go on a shopping spree with, she is a very good fashion consultant. She is also amazing at keeping the house clean, she does so much around the house to make sure everything is done before my dad gets home, he’s so lucky to have her and so am I.



Sam is my big sister m(step-sister) but I consider her to be my real sister, and also one of my biggest role models. I’ve known Sam since I was 5 years old, and ever since the first day I knew her I wanted to become more and more like her. About 2 years ago Sam was accepted to a University about 6 hours away from home. I was so proud of her for going after what she wanted to prepare for her future. When I heard the news that she was leaving, at first I was really anxious knowing I wouldn’t be able to talk to her or hangout with her, especially on days when I wasn’t feeling myself. Sam taught me a lot about being happy with myself, feeling more and more confident about myself each day, being happy with the body I had. Sam is the type of person who I would find myself crying with from laughing so hard. Seriously our parents would get mad at us for laughing at absolutely nothing. We had so many inside jokes or just really funny memories together. On Christmas eve would wouldn’t get much sleep because we’d go to bed pretty late and wake up at like 5 in the morning expecting that everyone else in the house would be up at this time ready to open presents. Unfortunately they weren’t so we had to force ourselves to fall back asleep and wait until 8 o’clock. We had a pool at my dad’s old house, and as kids we would spend hours and hours in the pool just playing around, and as we got older we started to tan outside in the backyard together for hours and hours, just falling asleep in the sun, or reading a book, snacking on some good food, and just relaxing together. We also watched movies and t.v shows in her room together, her favorite show at one point was Gilmore     girls, she had every single season and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode because of her GG obsession. She also had the best WARDROBE. Every time I would be at my dad’s she would have a new addition to her closet or dresser, and she would let me wear some of her stuff sometimes if I wasn’t feeling the outfit I had on of my own. She would always offer her assistance to me, asking if she could curl or straighten my hair, or help me with some homework problems in math or science since those were my weaker subjects in high-school. We have SO many memories I cannot even describe in a blog post because it would take pages upon pages, but one memory that sticks out to me the most which is actually kind of a funny story is a few years ago I remember asking Sam if she wanted to go for a bike ride to get some ice cream. We decided to bike to basken robins, which has 31 different flavors of ice cream. On our way back from the ice-cream store we were biking back home and had to bike along a very busy street with guard rails along the side walk, and out of NO where my bike seat started to fall off and I started tipping into the guard rails, I thought I was going to fall onto the road. We both started laughing so hard we cried.


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