This is my friend Ang. We’ve known eachother since grade 3, but didn’t become close friends until about grade 7. She had truley been one of my best friends since then, she is so funny, can always make me laugh, she’s kind and supportive, and so chill. We’re so strange when we hangout, like we literally say the weirdest things and make up the weirdest says, and sometimes we end up falling asleep on eachother when we hangout because we’re so lazy but it’s okay because we know that we’ll be hanging out soon again and it’ll be way more fun! We saw One Direction together last summer and let me telll you, it was one of the best nights of our lives! I cannot begin to explain my love for this girl, we have so many memories together! We would get up every morning one summer and run around the track at my school, we used to bike to the gym a lot to get “jacked”, or ang would drive us there because she had a family pass and would pretend I was her sister but they caught onto us and realized how unrelated we looked.. We’ve volunteered at 2 colour runs so far and have more to come, mainly because it’s free instead of paying to run in it but also because it’s so much fun, a good way to meet new people and you get a free t-shirt. Her family is like my second family, they’re so nice and talkative and always have my back, i just love them so much. She has a dog named Pepper, who I would keep if she let me, and she has a cat named bubbles who she throws against the wall sometimes #animalcrulety.. We make music videos and have seasonal photoshoots togethers, here are some from our winter photoshoot, we did have a fall and spring and will soon have a summer one. Ang is the and I am so proud of her for becoming who she is today, she is so kind and hard working, and a great person to be around. LOVE YA JULIA!


Me and Pepper (Ang's dog)
Me and Pepper (Ang’s dog)

IMG_3007 IMG_3031 IMG_4056

Ang and I volunteering at Colour me RAD.
Ang and I volunteering at Colour me RAD.

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We met spiderman and batman!!:o
We met spiderman and batman!!:o



Everyone meet Cassia.


Cassia a.k.a CassCass has been an amazing friend of mine since I was in grade 10. I met her through my step-sister Sam because they danced together and she had introduced me to her. I later then found out she went to my highschool as a freshman. I was so excited about this that I had to get her number or add her on fb or something to ask her how she was liking high-school/if she wanted to hangout sometime with Sam and I. She was so looking forward too it, she agreed when I asked her if she wanted to go to the mall with us so we all met up at American Eagle and spent some time wandering around, looking at different stores and chatting it up. Ever since, Cassia has been such an inspiration to me. She is someone who I feel could pass as my sister, because we have a lot of similarites. Like, we both like the same music, same movies, same foods, same stores, ect. We also have a lot of differences. for example, Cassia spends time in the morning getting up and getting ready. She does her hair and makeup on point every single day and I wish I had the motivation/confience level as she does to do the same. She seriously will out do anyones outfit, she goes all out and I dig it so much. She also enjoys just relaxing, something I want to be able to enjoy too, although I do get pretty restless. She’s so chill, and has such a good sense of humor. Cassia also has a very mature side to her, she sticks up for what is right and isn’t afraid of expressing her feelings/opinions on things. She does not tolerate bullies, she thinks that everyone has the right to be who they are regardless of what society approves or thinks of, she is so respectful when it comes to those types of things. My favourtie memories with Cassia are endless. We once had a sleepover where we sat in my room in the dark, lit a candle, and talked about really random things. We’ve gotten our nails done together, watched movies, sleepovers, parties, bonfires, long walks around our neighborhoods, last summer we would go out for breakfast quite often, and this summer we’re enrolled in a body bootcamp class at our community centre which is super hilarious to watch. We also did zumba 3 years ago and it was fun until we decided we couldn’t keep up with the moves so we would low key skip zumba and go to tim hortans or just go anywhere but zumba. I’ve watched all of Cassia’s dance performances for the football games held at the school and get so excited to see her do what she does best, and she KILLS it everytime.casssss

Cassia has helped me so much, she’s given me the best advice in certain situations, she reassures me that things are going to be okay.Cassia deserves a round of applause for her daily actions, and I can’t be more greatful to say that I am one of her friends<3  11225510_10206535831853378_642294434_n

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