This girl. I cannot explain how much I love this incredible human being. For starters, she came into my life for the soul purpose of being my life saver. Not joking. God has blessed me with her and I’ll tell you what I mean by this.

One night, I was in my bed alone, crying and praying and becoming so frustrated with myself, asking how on earth did I deserve to be in such a position where I had lost complete faith in myself. It was a horrible day of eating, I was struggling with disordered eating thoughts and physcial pain and discomfort from the amount of food I had eaten that day, I remember my mom upset with me as well, she was crying downstairs just listening to me cry in my room for hours upon hours. I suddenley felt the need to reach out to somebody. I researched a whole bunch of websites that might have 24/7 help for the type of situation I was in, but I remembered seeing Cassie’s blog earlier on in the week which she had mentioned she was a recovered anorexic, I knew from that moment I needed to reach out to this woman. I direct messaged her on twitter, my desperate times were calling for some desperate measures, I told her what I was going through and without hesitation she was willing to help me. She wanted to know more about my story, so that she could do the best she could tell help me and relate it to her own story. We talked back and forth and realized how similar both our eating disorders were, some differences but they both added up to be almost the same type of emotional relationship with food itself, and it was reassuring to know that it WILL get better, we have eachother to get through it. We started planning out little dinner dates, at one of our favourite restaurnts called the Works. It was challenging at first, but as time went on we were able to go on several of these dinner dates with the same support and encouragement for each other, we then started becoming a lot closer by planning causal outtings to the movies, chapters, starbucks, the beach, and more! We both share alot of the same personality traits, same music taste, same values, it’s insane! We talk so much about life together, I seriously feel we’ve had more life chats than I thought possible, but I love them. Speaking of things I love, I love her family too, her sisters are so nice to me and everyone else, and although I’ve only met her mom once, I can already tell how genuine and kind her heart is, and I hope to see her more in the future. The thing about Cassie that separates her from all of my other wonderful friends is that we share a connection that I can’t share with anybody else, which doesn’t make any of my other friends less of value, but it just shows how each of my friendships has a different way of connecting and supporting me as thier friend. I love ya cassie ❤ 11257617_10206646618582977_57309318_n 11267334_10206670182372057_1162247691_n 11272080_10206708918380433_902006382_n

prom 2015 was a success!
prom 2015 was a success!
my little munchkin!
my little munchkin!

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